12 August 2015

Focus Stepper is  an application and Arduino build for focus stacking with a stepper motor. This project is provided free of charge and as-is. If you enjoy this project and use it, please consider donating.


Focus Stepper requires a Java Runtime Environment to run. Make sure you have Java installed before trying to run Focus Stepper.

Windows (I have only tested on Windows 8, UI might be weird on earlier Windows versions) - https://thelostvertex.com/focusstepper/FocusStepper_win.zip

OS Xhttps://thelostvertex.com/focusstepper/FocusStepper_osx.zip

_Arduino Build Schematic + Notes _ - https://thelostvertex.com/focusstepper/FS_electronics_drv8825.pdf

Arduino Firmwarehttps://thelostvertex.com/focusstepper/focusstepperfirmware.hex.zip

Flashing the firmware

To upload the firmware to your arduino, use avrdude On OS X you can also install avrdude using Hombrew using the command: 

brew install avrdude

Once avrdude is installed, connect your arduino and you are ready to upload the firmware. On Windows make sure you have the Arduino drivers installed.

Example command:

avrdude -c arduino -p atmega328p -P /path/to/USBPORT -U flash:w:/path/to/focusstepperfirmware.hex

In terminal on OS X, you can find the USB port to use by typing:

ls /dev/tty.*

and you should find something along the lines of /dev/tty.usbmodem142121

Some more tutorials for avrdude here:



If this project has been useful, consider donating what it's worth to you 🙂